Understanding the Dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: A Comprehensive Review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, or Fan Edition, as it is often referred to, presents a culmination of what Samsung’s advocates admire most about the Samsung S20 series. This comprehensive review aims to illuminate the rapturing intricacies of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Particularly, we focus our meticulous analysis on the physical dimensions and design nuances of this well-endowed gadget in the Samsung Galaxy lineage.

A First Impression: Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

To pave way for a holistic understanding of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, it serves to start by outlining the initial impression the device announces upon first contact. Comprising the perfect concoction of both form and function, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE merges the luxury of high-end devices and the durability of everyday-use smartphone. The aluminium frame sandwiched between the Gorilla Glass 5 front and the plastic ‘Glasstic’ back retains the premium aura that Samsung Galaxy phones proudly boast.

The Dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: A Study in Precision

Narrowing down to the primary focus, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE presents dimensions that border on perfection. The device embodies dimensions of **159.8 x 74.5 x 8.4 mm (6.29 x 2.93 x 0.33 in)**, distinctly diverse from its counterparts in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Weight Distribution across the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Complementing its dimensions, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE weights **190 grams (6.70 ounces)**. This weight, while appearing slightly on the hefty side, ensures the consumers a reassuringly solid grip on the device.

Body-composition: Unveiling Material Commercialism

Adding to the dimensions and weight, the body finish plays a pivotal role in the overall design scheme of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. A plastic back or ‘Glasstic’ as Samsung likes to call it, interplays wonderfully with the aluminium construct of the device frame.

Navigating Through the Device: Touch Responsiveness and Display Size

Congruent to the robust build quality, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE features a result-oriented, smooth touch-interface. An equal emphasis on touch responsiveness and display size is what makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE a delight to use. The phone sports a **6.5 inches, 101.0 cm2 (~84.8% screen-to-body ratio)** Super AMOLED display.

Water Resistance – A Mainstay In The S20 Series

Finally, adding to its credibility is the water resistance feature, another domain where the phone does not fail to impress. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE supports an IP68 dust/water resistance (up to 1.5m for 30 mins) that stands a testament to its robustness.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a carefully built device, starting from its dimensions to the meticulous crafting of its body. A complete package of top-notch features enclosed in a grandeur body. The exploration of physical aspects is only the tip of the iceberg. This device, albeit its dimensions, unfolds into many cryptic advances in technology that Samsung has carefully embodied into it.

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